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Back To Me ⋆ Go

by Jackson Reed

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piggy Jackson is truly a gifted songwriter! Favorite track: Back To Me.
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Back To Me 02:59
Well I saw you coming in I thought I'd be your friend Well I'd be there till the end I'd be holding your hand I can't put down in words How much it really hurts The way you broke my heart I don't know where to start I love you can't you see? Baby come back to me Your name is Mary Anne (who me?) My band is Steely Dan I am your biggest fan & I am a grain of sand Oh darling take my hand I'll make you berry jam I'll meet your best friend Stan I'll be there till the end I love you can't you see? Baby come back to me I can't express through music Why do you make me choose it? Why do you come here with your shirt off? Why do you say that I'm a turn off? I quit singing long ago Don't ask me how it goes If it's your favourite song Why don't you sing along Well you can sink or swim Or understand me Man Lucky me To have met Such a dream My lazy life And all those nice Goodbyes Went la la la Ooh ooh ooh I love you can't you see? Baby come back to me
Go 03:26 video
Well I don’t know how I got here I’m standing on the corner, it’s another year One life over, another to go Woah man don’t stop, go go go go go I’m taking my time and it’s all well I say I trust you brother but you can go to hell Living my life like a renaissance man Woah man, don’t stop, don’t have a plan And I don’t want to go Stuck here in the snow And you don’t go too slow Like me, a broken home Being a ghost, being a spirit Moving all over till there’s something in it Clearing the spaces, making some room Meeting new faces and, landing on the moon Piecing together, whatever is left Make up the morning when there’s amess Clearing the garden, walking the dog My minds tied up, it’s all in a fog And you don’t go too slow Like me, a broken home No way there’s the door Passed out, on the floor


The lone and inquisitive first chord introducing audience members to “Back to Me” is the perfect bridge from Jackson Reed’s 2018 creation, Dark Areas of Description. Warm and colourful, this upbeat tune and the similarly addicting melody in “Go”, are sure to be playing over in the heads of listeners for days to come. Regularly influenced by both new and old artists, Reed’s “Back to Me” intelligently makes playful nods to other musical influences with the likes of Steely Dan and Kath Bloom; making this an unexpected treat on first listen.

The playful duet of “Back to Me” is akin to a lazy Sunday, making brunch while dancing with your loved one in the kitchen. Through Reed’s distinctive storytelling, each song takes a playful avenue in expressing collective and personal introspections: “I think there are parts people can relate to in both songs, pondering about life and love,” Reed explains. “Overall, I think they’re fun, catchy songs that I love to listen to and I'm happy we have recorded versions we can share now.”

While both “Back to Me” and “Go” act as the carefree younger siblings to Reed’s previous albums like Dark Areas of Description and November Gales, neither fall short in having the characteristically pensive lyrics weaved into each verse that can be found in Jackson Reed’s song writing. Quoting the musician: “I wrote the one line in ‘Go’: ‘I don't know how I got here, I'm standing on the corner, it's another year’ probably in 2015 when I was living in Toronto and was thinking about how fast time flew by since I first started playing music”.

Reed’s two latest songs offer flexibility with the ways in which his music can be experienced. The audience can be lulled by the bubble gum melody and harmonies characteristic of these pop songs, or for a more compelling take, they can dive deep through the inward-looking verses that accompany the contrasting sound. There is more than meets the ears when listening to the latest handiwork that Jackson Reed has to offer his audience.

Written by Brya Bromfield, November 2020


released April 30, 2021

Produced & Mixed by Dustin Goodall
Mastered by Noah Mintz

Jackson Reed - Vocals, Guitars, Keys
Mikaela Murtonen - Vocals
Robert Sartini - Electric Guitar
Dustin Goodall - Bass
Blair St. John - Drums & Percussion

Design by Henry Acteson
Photograph by Riley Wilson

Care Records 005


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Jackson Reed Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

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